Body Wraps

not for recently shaved or sunburned or irritated skin  not for users of any topical orally prescribed acne or vitamin A derived  recently waxed, for pregnancy please check with your physician

Eucalyptus Body Wrap


Herbal Body $99.00

Dermalogica Sea Mud Therapy


 For all skin conditions.

Natural earth clay draw out impurities while ginger and white tea stimulate circulation and smooth skin, essential oils provide aromatherapeutic and skin benefits while caffeine provides all over tonic then rest in the alpha machine that will provide you with a warming wrap,   that induces blood circulation and absorption of nourishing botanical

30 minutes massage and eucalyptus body wrap



Package 1


One Hour Swedish Massage

Spa Pedicure

Spa Manicure

Package 2


Signature Facial

Spa Pedicure

Spa Manicure

Package 3


Signature Facial

One hour swedish massage


Swedish Massage
Massage therapist use long smooth strokes,kneading and circular motion movements.
It is very gentle and relaxing

Aromatherapy Massage
Essential oils are added to address  specific needs, from relaxing and energizing to stress reducing and balancing.
This massage is particularly suited for stress related conditions.

Hot Stone Massage
Heated smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to warm and loosen tight muscles and balance  energy centers in the body

Deep Tissue Massage
$110.00 (one Hour)
targets the deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissue on certain parts of the body.  People often feel sore for one to two days after deep tissue massage.

Body Treatments

​contraindications same as for body wraps

Mineral Salt Scrub (one hour)


​Polishes skin to a soft glow while providing critical hydration and Nourishment. Mineral sea salts and seaweed exfoliate while skin-moothing

enzymes help dissolve  skin cells,natural oils and extracts help stimulate the senses while cleansing and conditioning  then relax in the alpha capsule for added benefit of warmth that helps invigorate the mind and body



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Natural Therapy

Body Wrap

The Contour Body Wrap promotes a healthy and permanent inch loss of 4 + inches per treatment while maintaining  proper hydration . Since this  is not a water loss wrap, the inches lost will be permanent with a healthy diet and exercise.

Benefits: Removes cellulite by targeting and removing toxins trapped in the connective tissue. Increases skin elasticity and improves skin firmness.Tightens and tones skin.


heart conditions

coumadin or other blood thinners


cancer less than 2 years in remission



patch test required 2 days before